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By R. C. Seely

My Fellow Americans, in this time of uncertainty there is only one thing that is certain.. there will always be T.V., Sex and Violence.  In this book I selected the 50 most provaling stigmas in American Popular Culture, and analyzed them, and gave them my own special critique.  Here’s some of the topics:

Violent Media Creates Violent People

 Organized Religion brings People Together

 Bush is a Nazi

 If you disagree with President Obama you’re a Racist

 Massage Therapy is only for Pain Relief

 Country Music is Music

 History is Irrelevant

 Tattoos are strictly for Military or Hell’s Angels

Protestors Care about the Issues

 New Year’s Resolutions are about Self Improvement

Liberals are Evil

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By R. C. Seely

Too much pride makes smart, but haughty individuals and organizations do some down right stupid things.

Look at the actions of our current president, condemning the Supreme Court Judges and challenging their authority, at a time when it is most advantageous to gain their support. Instead of putting on the velvet glove and schmoozing them, he antagonizes and threatens them.

Some would call these the actions of some one stricken mad, but I contend it’s the actions of an egotist, instead. He hates the fact that he has an impediment to his agenda, and is basically throwing a temper tantrum. The president is not the only one who has made questionable choices, lately, we can’t overlook the GSA, or the recent scandal with the Secret Service. It’s an ideology that is extremely toxic, and the real victims in this scenario are the taxpayers. I think I’ll call this movement “Activists Gone Wild.” Instead of flashing everyone for Mardi Gras beads and shaking their “money-makers,” they’re flashing their money rolls and indulging their egos, by being sucked up to.

They are letting their agenda hang out and we need to show them they need to put it away. After all we have been the ones feeding their now bloated ego.

In this year the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, I can’t think if a more symbolic iconoclast, than the ship and what it stood for.

It was supposed to be the epitome of achievement, at least that was what the P.R. department claimed at any rate. Instead it will be remembered as the embodiment of mankind’s arrogance, and pride. Take the poor decisions made that made an already dire tragedy into an even worse disaster, that ended the lives of over a thousand men, women, and children. Good sense was abandoned at a pivotal time with the choice by the directors to cut the number of lifeboats to a level that wouldn’t even satisfy the needs on board if it was half full.

Also if people want to have a clear understanding about what class warfare REALLY is, than look no further than the actions on board. During the evacuation of the vessel, the doors to the third class level was locked. I can’t imagine that being tried in modern times (at least not as far as the media would report anyhow).

Fast forward to the present, another boat is hit. Aside from the poor decisions by the Captain, this time the disaster was handled much better (there were a lot more advantages in this episode, but still it was handled with more consideration for the passengers and crew).

I’m digressing, but I’m sure you see my point. It’s a manner of arrogance that cause such faulty thinking, that lead to such blunders in human history.

My last example is of our own, Eric Holder. He made a statement concerning the Second Amendment, he was reported saying he wants to, “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” The operative word here being BRAINWASH. Really, Attorney General? Brainwashing? Isn’t that the same kind of thing that the Third Reich used to do. I think Stalin indorsed that kind of philosophy as well.

That’s definitely up there with their intimidation tactics. All the individuals represented in this article have one thing in common: they are all bullies, plain and simple. You don’t want to do what we say? Too bad, you are going to anyway. Actually with the current authoritative regime, that’s not true. They aren’t satisfied with your obedience, they want you to conform to their doctrine.

It all goes back to the simple fact they feel moral superiority. They know better than you what is best for you, despite the fact they don’t even know your name. In the end, you are nothing but a number to them.

Check out the author of this article on You Tube at Americanus Libertae. Also look for the author’s book, T.V., Sex, and Violence, available at or check your local bookstores.


The title of this article is also a song by the band Metallica, a group made famous for their critical observations of society and it’s institutions. This title alone is a very astute assessment of the political environment of our species. Not just in modern times, but through out history.

The Republican Primaries are a kind of through back to the Gladiator pit, seeing who is the warrior strong enough to walk away and face another challenger. We started with seven and ended with four. Who will be the champion? Who we it be?…

We have one who thinks himself anti-Establishment, but is in fact, a part of it and does nothing but stir up the dust of contention. He has a record of lobbying, which is something that does cause problems whether the senator wants to admit it or not. Lobbying causes influence to the activists. In essence there is really little difference between him, and Romney, in most issues. His actions on the campaign trail leave much to be desired, however, and comes off as a whining shrew, than as a powerful leader. Rather than discuss his record he immediately starts a fight. When he is one on one in an interview he is a lot more eloquent, but if his conduct in office is the same, as what we have seen, he won’t get much accomplished as Commander-in-Chief. The fire is there, and that’s important, but a it won’t be enough if a little tact is not exercised. This is Rick Santorum.

Then there is the great deceiver, a man with so much baggage it’s no wonder his physical stature is as large as it is. This man is a representation of what is wrong with the system. Hypocrisy and corruption. Some have dismissed his ethics violations and record of support of Social Justice. He has been given a pass on his involvement with finance giants, Freddy May and Fannie Mac. He has thrown it back, that one of his campaign rival’s incidental involvement is the same thing. That’s not even close. Newt Gingrich had direct contribution in the organization, and profited from the public downfall. He’s just as guilty as anyone else associated with the company. He is as dangerous as the current administration, for proof just look at his role models. Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, these were key figures in the Progressive movement, the era that started expansionist government. The same role models as Barrak Obama. This alone should give you reason to reconsider his candidacy. Large government is what Gingrich is a advocate for, and he might be a nice guy, but he’s a career politician with a dangerous position that parallels Obama.

Next we have the outsider, Ron Paul. Now despite the fact that he’s been doing far better than anyone expected, he’s still not getting the respect he so richly deserves. He and his loyal supporters are considered uninformed and with very low regards. Most political pundits, hurriedly brush the congressman aside as a serious contender, which is a mistake because he could be a huge factor in the end and should be given his dues. When it comes down to it he is the only candidate who could, and would, actually alter the system for the better, and topple the glass house that has become our political system, destroying the corrosive elements of it. If Gingrich or Santorum get in, Dr. Paul running as a third party candidate, might be our only hope for saving the country from itself. I do have to also comment that, it’s a sad commentary on the evolution of our politic status, that the only candidate who strictly adheres to the Constitution, our nation’s legal mandates, is considered a lunatic. Why are we going backwards?

Last is the man most likely to be the next President of the United States, Mitt Romney. He’s the one who has the best chance to win and he fit’s the role the best. He’s admitted to making mistakes in the past, and learned from them, at the state level so now it doesn’t need to be done at the national level. Articulate, diplomatic, and he knows how to negotiate, which let’s face it is what the job really is. He knows the business environment and the problems they face.

Some reading this will probably assume that I’m backing Mitt Romney, not exactly. I said Romney’s the best to win. I’m actually for Ron Paul, the fact is Dr. Paul is the only one with a solid record of consistency, and we stand firmly behind all his comments. He’s also the only one who will bring the nation a significant change for the better.

So in closing we need an advocate for small government to fix things, not another one for large government. The definition of insanity is repeating the same task and expecting different results. Let’s add some sanity into the equation of public service.

For more information about political issues from a perspective of a blue collar free market worker. Check out the author of this article on

You Tube @ Americanus Libertae. Also look for the author’s book, T.V., Sex, and Violence, available soon through or check your local bookstores.

By R. C. Seely


There was a point in time, very briefly, that we had a concise and unyielding definition, to the words used in our collective society.

At one point to be liberal, meant to be a defender of human rights and civil liberties, not the advocating of suspending them. I myself can’t think of anything more the polar opposite than the current political trend, as being inhumane.

Conservative also shifted too as well from meaning, fiscally responsible and small government oriented legislature, to nothing but the antagonist to the other major party.

The term Progressive in any other country means to move towards a positive shift in social values. In our country it means sweeping an d total change, without evaluating whether that change is for the better. It all has to lead to Social Justice, as far as the Progressives are concerned. Social Justice, for those unfamiliar with the term is the adopted name for the agenda for the nation’s Social Engineers. It means, Wealth Redistribution, Progressive Taxation, Eminent Domain, and Pseudo Equality measures. Basically, Socialism in disguise.

But the most atrocious vernacular alternative characterization, is to the word “rights”. When did the term “rights” turn into a substitution for “entitlements.” The clash about contraception’s is a excellent example, of this degradation of our social jargon, and the starting place for discussion of this topic.

As is common with the political parties, is to embellish the importance of there stance on the issues, and have turned it into a civil rights nightmare. The “War on Women,” give me a break! This is not a war on woman, this just an opposition to having the rights of an organization (in this case, the church) trampled and eventually dissolved.

The right to contraceptives is not being infringed upon, the only candidate who even brought up that possibility was Rick Santorum. Thankfully he’s no longer in the race.

I’m pro-choice and on the side of women’s rights, and I don’t see any one trying to take them away. What about Dr. Ron Paul, you might ask? Yes, he’s pro-life, do you know why? He worked for years as an OBGYN, in his medical career. He’s seen first hand how abortions were done. That’s why he’s opposed to them.

What about the gender gap? That’s as much propaganda as

Class Warfare. It’s not a Gender Gap, it’s an Education and Experience Gap. The Free Market is not an easy, it’s definitely a cut throat place, that only the strong survive, but it is the most fair economic system. It’s the only one that gives everyone the same opportunities, regardless of your current economic status. That includes women and minorities. The perceived flaws in the system are the in fact the system weeding out those who don’t want to work as hard.

First the Gender Gap, this one I’ve seen first hand as being a fallacious claim. I’ve worked in retail for about ten years, and in that time I’ve never seen with any company, anything close to pay discrimination because of a gender based bias. For those unfamiliar with customer service if there had been such conditions, I would have heard about it. Even those who you detest may on occasion become temporary allies, when such issues arise. The reason economists have given for the discrepancies in pay are because of the social dynamics of our culture, not some deep seeded resent by the Patriachical Society to oppress women. Many women don’t take the careers that pay higher wages, many take secretarial jobs and such. They are not in the work place as long, leaving to have families. Those who do avoid the standard social norms are rewarded with the higher pay and promotions of their male counter parts.

Next the Minorities Rights, I personally don’t care that they come in and take the fast food and construction jobs. Historically speaking, this has always been the case. During the time of the Industrial Revolution, the Chinese were brought in in droves to help with the labor. I would wage though, that if they were given a background check, before allowed in to the country. They also didn’t request special treatment. They did their job and went about their business, not causing trouble.

This is were I have zero sympathy for either demographic, the issues like the Slanted Gender wages, Free Education, Free Insurance, No Background Check, and the other requests, are not in fact rights. They are privileges, something handed down by the Market not the Government. When it’s issued by the Government it’s a bribe or subsidy, something given without work to obtain. That makes it’s unethical, especially, when it’s being given without the consent of the taxpayer. Don’t ask the Government for services, ask your employer. It’s not available to you through your employer, then demand it be, through the company.

The point is that we are at a point when such luxuries can’t be given not only because of the financial burden, but because of the ethical one. Somewhere along the lines our culture changed from one the pathway of enlightenment, to one on the pathway of Entitlement. Now we need to change that course again before we hit a brick wall.