The Frayed Ends of Sanity

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Political, Social Commentary

The title of this article is also a song by the band Metallica, a group made famous for their critical observations of society and it’s institutions. This title alone is a very astute assessment of the political environment of our species. Not just in modern times, but through out history.

The Republican Primaries are a kind of through back to the Gladiator pit, seeing who is the warrior strong enough to walk away and face another challenger. We started with seven and ended with four. Who will be the champion? Who we it be?…

We have one who thinks himself anti-Establishment, but is in fact, a part of it and does nothing but stir up the dust of contention. He has a record of lobbying, which is something that does cause problems whether the senator wants to admit it or not. Lobbying causes influence to the activists. In essence there is really little difference between him, and Romney, in most issues. His actions on the campaign trail leave much to be desired, however, and comes off as a whining shrew, than as a powerful leader. Rather than discuss his record he immediately starts a fight. When he is one on one in an interview he is a lot more eloquent, but if his conduct in office is the same, as what we have seen, he won’t get much accomplished as Commander-in-Chief. The fire is there, and that’s important, but a it won’t be enough if a little tact is not exercised. This is Rick Santorum.

Then there is the great deceiver, a man with so much baggage it’s no wonder his physical stature is as large as it is. This man is a representation of what is wrong with the system. Hypocrisy and corruption. Some have dismissed his ethics violations and record of support of Social Justice. He has been given a pass on his involvement with finance giants, Freddy May and Fannie Mac. He has thrown it back, that one of his campaign rival’s incidental involvement is the same thing. That’s not even close. Newt Gingrich had direct contribution in the organization, and profited from the public downfall. He’s just as guilty as anyone else associated with the company. He is as dangerous as the current administration, for proof just look at his role models. Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, these were key figures in the Progressive movement, the era that started expansionist government. The same role models as Barrak Obama. This alone should give you reason to reconsider his candidacy. Large government is what Gingrich is a advocate for, and he might be a nice guy, but he’s a career politician with a dangerous position that parallels Obama.

Next we have the outsider, Ron Paul. Now despite the fact that he’s been doing far better than anyone expected, he’s still not getting the respect he so richly deserves. He and his loyal supporters are considered uninformed and with very low regards. Most political pundits, hurriedly brush the congressman aside as a serious contender, which is a mistake because he could be a huge factor in the end and should be given his dues. When it comes down to it he is the only candidate who could, and would, actually alter the system for the better, and topple the glass house that has become our political system, destroying the corrosive elements of it. If Gingrich or Santorum get in, Dr. Paul running as a third party candidate, might be our only hope for saving the country from itself. I do have to also comment that, it’s a sad commentary on the evolution of our politic status, that the only candidate who strictly adheres to the Constitution, our nation’s legal mandates, is considered a lunatic. Why are we going backwards?

Last is the man most likely to be the next President of the United States, Mitt Romney. He’s the one who has the best chance to win and he fit’s the role the best. He’s admitted to making mistakes in the past, and learned from them, at the state level so now it doesn’t need to be done at the national level. Articulate, diplomatic, and he knows how to negotiate, which let’s face it is what the job really is. He knows the business environment and the problems they face.

Some reading this will probably assume that I’m backing Mitt Romney, not exactly. I said Romney’s the best to win. I’m actually for Ron Paul, the fact is Dr. Paul is the only one with a solid record of consistency, and we stand firmly behind all his comments. He’s also the only one who will bring the nation a significant change for the better.

So in closing we need an advocate for small government to fix things, not another one for large government. The definition of insanity is repeating the same task and expecting different results. Let’s add some sanity into the equation of public service.

For more information about political issues from a perspective of a blue collar free market worker. Check out the author of this article on

You Tube @ Americanus Libertae. Also look for the author’s book, T.V., Sex, and Violence, available soon through or check your local bookstores.

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