T.V., Sex, and Violence, is now Available

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Political, Social Commentary

By R. C. Seely

My Fellow Americans, in this time of uncertainty there is only one thing that is certain.. there will always be T.V., Sex and Violence.  In this book I selected the 50 most provaling stigmas in American Popular Culture, and analyzed them, and gave them my own special critique.  Here’s some of the topics:

Violent Media Creates Violent People

 Organized Religion brings People Together

 Bush is a Nazi

 If you disagree with President Obama you’re a Racist

 Massage Therapy is only for Pain Relief

 Country Music is Music

 History is Irrelevant

 Tattoos are strictly for Military or Hell’s Angels

Protestors Care about the Issues

 New Year’s Resolutions are about Self Improvement

Liberals are Evil

T.V., Sex, and Violence is available at Amazon. com

So get your copy now!

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