Desperation Causes More Crime Than Poverty

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Social Commentary

By R. C. Seely

Lyndon Johnson instituted the policy of Social Welfare, under the implication that poverty raises the rate of crime. That however doesn’t explain why those in the higher economic brackets commit criminal acts.

I contest the connection of poverty and criminal behavior as being false based on the evidence, and I state the true reason behind violations of laws is because of Desperation. Desperation can come in different forms, and outcomes from different needs due to our live experiences. Desperate for opportunity, desperate for money, desperate for attention, desperate for love, this proves a far more complete theorem without all the holes in the hypothesis.

But Johnson didn’t actually give this any contemplation either way. His reasons for taking this route was purely political, he wanted to be see as a champion of Civil Rights, as his predecessor John Kennedy was. The problem is all the evidence points to Johnson being a racist. Any conclusion he would have made, would be tainted by this bias, so his policies are that of segregation not of assimilation. Not all those who advocate segregation are racists though. This is a standard based on the common consensus of the era, and it’s wrong to make judgments on those from the past based on the standards of our era, that’s not what I’m doing. I’m basing them on the standards of his era.

Another example of the Desperation is serial killer Charles Manson. He had a horrible live, devoid of emotion, because he wasn’t given any to begin with. He was the unwanted son of a prostitute and was basically left to fend for himself. Now I’m not using this to excuse his actions, just explain them. Personally I think he should have been executed, but what’s done is done.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are both examples of this as well. What the are in need of is the most dangerous and corrupting of all, the need for power and authority. While Bill might have been the face of the presidency, it was Hillary, that really made most of the decisions during the segment of human history. Fortunately, for all of in order for Bill to get reelected he had to become a Pragmatist and alter his philosophies a little bit.

This one is unfortunately not an uncommon trait for political leaders. Many domestic and foreign have had it. Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Adolf Hitler, Richard Nixon, Josef Stalin, Napoleon Bonaparte, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, and Barack Obama, just to name a few. We could speculate as to whether any of these men had the intention of becoming the enslavers of their countrymen, but I see that as immaterial personally. They had a need for power and they did what they felt they had to do satisfy that need. Simple as that.

This also the key in addiction as well. An addiction has some need in their life not being fulfilled, so they try to numb all emotion with drugs. I contend that with most drugs (some of the more harder and dangerous, could be an exception) humans can internal consume with getting addicted… so long as they are not in a vulnerable emotional state. This goes with all addiction as well, not just drugs.

We all no that people do some usual things when we are depressed, would it really be that big of a leap, to consider it the reasons for our shortcomings. We need to accept responsibly for our actions, I’m not trying to excuse anyone with this concept. I’m saying that utilizing this might be useful in helping those that suffer with such problems find solutions. So start now and cheer up.

Check out the author of this article on You Tube at Americanus Libertae. Also look for the author’s book, T.V., Sex, and Violence, available at or check your local bookstores.



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