The Dangers of “Cookie-Cutter” Systems

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Social Commentary

By R. C. Seely

This is a nation of entrepreneurs, those who aren’t afraid to step out on a limb, to reach for the brass ring and improve the lives of themselves and their families, and the lives of others whom they employ as well. Some would argue that the best system are the ones that work for all, I would contest that this is not only untrue, but also an impossibility. This statement is made by a man (the author) who doesn’t believe in absolutes, and that’s what impossible is, an absolute.

This is the trap of what I call “Cookie-Cutter” system models, a unified, unrealistic philosophy, that simply doesn’t apply to the real world model.

Everyone is different down to the molecular level, we are in the simplest terms, the output of two separate genetic codes interwoven after all. A series of biological ones and zeros from our parent’s DNA, mutating and creating unique deviations or deformities. In humans this (along with environment and our individual experiences) transforms into our moral code, which is what most of us use to guide our decisions for the rest of our lives.

Because he have this moral code, is the reason that the “Cookie-Cutter” system can’t work. What our reactions to a given situation are not inevitable, it’s at best an educated guess, based on past interactions with the person. The point is we make choices, financial, moral, spiritual, that is the part of the equation under our control, anyway. Then there are outside factors that are out of our control, that’s the other part of the equation.

In conclusion the human will towards liberty is too strong and such attempts to circumvent your will on someone else, is sure to end in their favor.  The larger point here is that not only trying to make decisions of how to live unlikely, but it’s also ethically wrong.  Setting up a system based on this model is like trying to cage up a hurricane.

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