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A pet rat named Jefferson escapes from his cage.

In his travels he comes across a group of rats that

are interested in his ideas.  With the migrating rodents

is a rat who could destroy the Colony itself.  Can the

Colony be saved?  Or is it doomed to be fall?

Read ‘We the Rodents’ and find out.


Starting out as a satire of critiquing the Bush and Obama

administrations, the project became much more.  The quintessential

argument for the need of third party intervention.

Skeptic is Another Word for Coward

By R. C. Seely

I was watching a show on the history channel the other day about Dragons. In it one of the scientists on it was saying that as much as he would like to believe in such creatures, like the Loch Ness Monster or other cryptological beings, his logical side is telling it doesn’t. With that cowardly a stance he never will find out! The funny thing is these same skeptics more than likely blindly follow progressive politicians and environmental activists.

These skeptics are so eager to close their minds to the mere possibilities of the natural world, but embrace that of the world of man. That is something that has always perplexed me.

First of all, it’s part of the scientists responsibility to prove or disprove the existence of such phenomena, not to sit back and ridicule those who do examine the validity of such claims.

The other perception I don’t understand though; why follow those of power so blindly. If anything that is the sector of the human comprehension that should be examined with a skeptical eye first, not last.

One scientist claims that we are hardwired to believe in dragons. It was basically an accumulation of our primate ancestors most feared predators, the large cats, large snakes, and large birds. I don’t buy into this theory personally, but I at least admit that it is a possibility in some cases. It at least follows the basic rule to most scientific principal, that there is some truth behind the myth. There were reports in a town in France in the 16th Century I believe, of a werewolf attacking its citizens. The team investigating it came to the mutual conclusion that it was a hyena that escaped from a nearby menagerie. There were reports of a wild beast that was said not to exist in Africa, which we know does and we know as the Mountain Gorilla. Those are just a couple of examples of this skeptical cowardice in the scientific community.

The biggest flaw in the skeptics analytical process is that think because the animal in question can’t be found it can’t exist. An animal that has been lived along man may have simply have figured out a very proficient method of detection by our species. It’s called evolution.

The Myth of the White Man’s Guilt

By R. C. Seely

We have all been ingrained with the perspective that we should feel that we have wronged all the different ethnic groups. The evidence says something different from this though.

According to the Native Americans our ancestors forcibly drove them from their lands. The warriors of the tribes fought bravely to the end, but in the war parties, men, women and children of the white race were viciously murdered. Both sides had massive losses and killed innocent people. Should their modern descendents be held accountable for their actions?

The African Americans of this country were brought in as slaves by the Colonists. The slave trade was created by the other African tribes NOT by the white man. They would still be in Africa, engaged in civil war if not for the trade. Besides our founders were not comfortable with the practice and was looking to outlaw it from the get-go. Another point for consideration, what percentage of biological African heritage does someone need to have to claim racial sufferings. In other words at want point does your ancestry count you as ‘Black.’ There were a lot of rapes done by the slave masters, but escaped slaves attacked white women in retribution for their masters actions. So many whites could have some black blood. Do the escaped slaves descendents feel guilty for these acts of incivility?

The Mexican community claim entitlement of land because the ‘White Man,’ chased them off it. Actually it was the Spanish and Native Americans that did the worse atrocities to the tribes of Latin America, than the Europeans. Many of the Mexican people alive today are from the conquistadors, not the Mexicana tribe which has the biological line has gone extinct. This land was BOUGHT from Mexico, not taken from them. Don’t the Mexican people feel guilty for spreading this myth?

The Chinese were brought in for slave labor during the days of the railroads. They were the houseboys along side the black slaves. They have had to suffer stereotypes as well as the other races. China has become one the most powerful countries in the world. Why don’t they scream out for entitlements?

Many Pagans had been killed by the Christians during the Catholic Reformation. With the exception of a few most are willing to live with the Christians in peace. The atheists and Christians, both feel that those who disagree with them are simple and wrong. Where’s the Pagan’s attitude of piety?

Social Activists want everything paid for by taxes, not caring that by using tax money, citizens might be supporting something that they find objectionable. How do they justify their anger?

Jews are a demographic that has been demonized and mistreated far worse that any other and they don’t ask for any preferential treatment. Why don’t they feel more entitled for the acts of atrocities by the descendents of Germany?

The American patriot who has to listen to all the contention, accusations and claims of entitlements. The one who should be the most angry. Where’s his anger? He puts it aside because he loves his country and everyone else should follow his lead.

What Obama really meant

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What Obama really meant