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By R. C. Seely
    Over two hundred years ago the threat of secession was looming over this country, a time bomb, that almost killed the American Experiment in it’s infancy.  Now this has become an topic for debate in modern times, once again.
    There are parts of the situation that when brought to light may make people rethink their positions on the matter and even consider this action as justifiable.
    First off, the constitutionality is not as clear cut as the proposals  critics make it sound.  There is arguably sustainable points in the tenth amendment and the constitution.  If the states have gotten to the point of considering dissolving the union, than the argument could be made that the president has become a tyrant, breaking his contract with the people.
    Second, the numbers of people supporting it are low.  When first reported it was a small portion of only about 20 states, give or take.  The reported the number of states in favor at 47.  Included in the list are many blue states, parts of the eastern seaboard and California among them.  I will say that cynicism within that demographic does have some validity, I agree, but in states like Utah, Alaska, or Texas on the other hand, should be deemed as serious and needing of a response by the president.  But other possible reason for a low response number for secession could be that much of the media doesn’t want to make Obama look bad, so they won’t report the circumstances unless it escalates out of control.  Look how long it took the mainstream media to report on the Benghazi attack.
    Lastly, in the end it doesn’t really matter the concluding results of the endeavor are really.  This is not about making this prospect a reality, as much as making a bold statement to the totalitarian-leaning administration of power.  
    The leader of the Texas Nationalist Movement was on Hannity the other day and said as much.  Saying in the end this is basically just asking the president for permission to secede.
    Revolution, peaceful or not, is at times needed to remind those who believe they are in power, who’s really in charge.  The People.  For far too long the people have been satisfied with the dominant status quo, now they are saying- No More.  I have made the statement on the Politically Social webpage, saying I would sign such a petition not just supporting them, but joining them if it comes to that.  I stand by those remarks and would not hesitate in making my actions match my words.  Our founding fathers were willing to put everything on the line by signing a piece of paper- the Declaration of Independence.  If called to do the same thing today wouldn’t you do the same thing if needs be.  What if this is our call to action?

Why I am a Libertarian

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By R.C. Seely

I saw articles and posts like these on twitter and thought to myself, what the hell I’ll play along.
I grew up in a strong patriotic, republican household and was always taught the importance of integrity in my dealings with my fellow man.  But as a youth, I found myself also straddling that fine line between financial responsibility and letting others make their own choices in social issues.  I found myself torn in issues like abortion, the drug wars, civil rights, the war on poverty and other social issues.  The source of the conflict was the republican stance on these issues left me feeling… unsettled.
Within this implanted version of reality, I never knew there were other options other than the two major parties.  So for years I just accepted things as I knew them.

Flash forward a few years to the 2008 presidential elections.  At a time when I had a renewed interest in questioning my understanding of my world, this become a huge tipping point for me.  Here was the paradox I was having.

Many were voting for Barack Obama either because of or in spite of, the mystery of the man.  I couldn’t vote for him because of this and honestly couldn’t see the attraction of that notion.  Mystery in people may sound appealing, but when it comes to those who govern our lives it is downright dangerous.  With the associations he had, past and present, should have given the voters a clue.  If only they had listened.

The other option was Senator John McCain, also a bad choice he habitually sided with the opposition on the issues.  Instead of insisting on real compromise though, he would kowtow to their whims.  Also unappealing, he used his time as a POW in his campaign.  To his credit he is a tough old bird, but that doesn’t make him a valid presidential candidate.  That was the major advantage for Obama, the people I talked to felt there wasn’t a real difference between the two men.  Sadly, I agree.

In the end, we wound up with Barack Obama as president.  That election I saw the Republican party in a new and dim light.  The party makes it stances on policy of virtue, NOT legal, constitutional standards.  That’s wrong.
So why not look to the other party, you may ask?..  The Democratic party claims to care.  I feel the people in that party do, but it’s leaders don’t.  If they did they would take unyielding stances on ideological principle.  The only principle they don’t yield on is their grab for power.

The biggest source of contempt I have for both, is that they will diverge from the constitutional and legal statutes to progress their party’s agenda.  They put the party over the country.  That is why I am a Libertarian.

Before delving into the topic I feel that coming up with a concise and clear definition of the vague terminology is pertinent.
CLASS WARFARE: The Calculated and deliberate effort by those in the higher brackets of the socio-economic or political elite, to hinder or completely barricade, those in the lower brackets from rising up from their economic status.
Keep this definition in mind during the study of this topic, being presented here.
During the time of an impartial investigation of the Benghazi attacks, leaving an ambassador dead, Secretary of State- Hillary Clinton was absent.  She wasn’t even in the country.  What was she doing?  Was she overseas trying to smooth over a contentious matter?  Maybe discussing the importance of alternative energy to foreign interests?  How about just a meeting to discuss ANYTHING of a political nature with a dignitary?  None of the above.  She was in Australia for a wine tasting event.
Now the criticism by pundits was her absence for questioning on the Benghazi matter, but I say there is something even more chilling about her actions here.
It’s just one more example of the attitude of over-indulgence, at the cost of the taxpayers expense. The ever growing laundry list of impropriety that has been allowed to run rampant.  The GSA’s extravagant Las Vegas trips.  The trip to Hawaii for a Summit, by government agencies.
On a episode of Follow the Money, on Fox News Business, host Eric Boiling, suggested that those on Obama’s staff should take a pay cut to help with ease the public’s financial burden.  This seems like a perfectly reasonable solution to me, considering that they and their boss have a large portion of the culpability in the downturn in the country’s economic state.
How about the holiday celebration with the celebrities the Obama’s had one year at the White House.  It had elaborate performances by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, with the theme being Alice in Wonderland.
Why is a bad thing?  In and of itself it’s not, but it’s the exclusivity of it that could be a sign of elitism on their part.  On the guest list of this little jamboree was the families of close friends and acquaintances of the first family.  I guarantee if it were put together by the Romney clan or even George Bush and family, the families of the service men and women, or maybe children from the orphanages would have been there.
Christmas in the Obama White House wasn’t any less a showing of perceived status.  The family set a record for hosting the most Christmas trees in the White House- Thirty seven.
Without regard for the suffering of the common man the Obamas dine on such extravagances as lobster, paid for by the taxpayer.
In conclusion, some who will read this my dismiss this as just hyperbole by someone with an axe to grind about Barack Obama.  That’s not the case at all.  I do believe Obama is to be the worst and potentially dangerous president we have ever had.  He has been the poster child for “Moral Superiority,” the philosophy that whatever actions need to be taken to achieve an agenda validating it with the claim, it has “Good Intentions.”  He has been given many chances to make his actions match his words and each time has spectacularly failed to do so.  He’s not the common man he claims to be, but the ultimate imperial elitist.  The president is and his staff have been the worst perpetrators of the “Class Warfare,” that they allege to despise.

Now what?

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By R. C. Seely

Today is November 7, 2012 the day after the election and it’s downright depressing day.  Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was just reelected president of the United States.
Now I know some are probably thinking that I’m being melodramatic and bothered by this because, I’m a Republican and just wanted the party to win.  Well, you would be wrong on both counts.  Yes, I am registered as a Republican, but my ideological stances are most definitely that of a Libertarian.  I didn’t vote for Romney in the election and Obama was not even an option for me.  I wasn’t necessarily rooting for Romney, I just despise everything that Obama stands for.  He takes socialism to a new level of Tyranny and it didn’t even occur to me that he would actually get back in.
I was wrong about the first term too, though.  Supporters say how much of a good guy he is, how he relates to the people.  Sorry, I don’t see it.  I see a smarmy, egotistical, elitist, a typical political hack.  I take that back he’s not typical – he’s far Worse!  He’s a propagandist.  The King of Hype, the used car salesman of political policy.  Worse still he’s one of the biggest hypocrites, to ever enter the political stage.
When Karl Rove got charged with ethics violations, Bush got him off the hook calming “Executive Privilege.” One of the most vocal critics of the move is Obama. Fast forward a few years.  AG Eric Holder, is accused of major breaches of security, that have not been heard of at this level since Benedict Arnold and guess comes to his rescue with Executive Privilege…  Barack Obama.
How about something less specific?  Just basic spending.  Obama was critical of Bush’s spending.  I am too, but I didn’t turn around and increase the level.
How Bush’s handling of the war?  Not only did the Great Detractor Obama, not end the wars as early as he said, but he added one with Libya.  We hear nothing from the antiwar section of the Obama crowd.  I am against the wars as well, Barack, but at least I make it clear in my actions.  Lets not forget his greatest claim of fame getting Osama Bin Laden, as well as Gaddafi.  Okay first, the navy seals got Bin Laden and they deserve the credit not you, you Narcissist- in- Chief.  Secondly, the seal team got him because Obama was using Bush’s war playbook. The most appalling was the handling of the Libya attack on the ambassador.
Then his call for transparency from elected officials, what happened there? The scandals with CIA, TSA and GSA.
He claims to have created jobs, no he hasn’t.  He stalled the economy, his policies are responsible for the timid recovery.
When I went into work today the guy working the front desk asked if I was upset about the results of the elections.  No, I’m not upset.  I’m infuriated.  I’m enraged because I don’t know who the hell would vote for this man.  Or who holds the responsibility in convincing people to do it.  I’m perplexed by this outcome, are the people really this blind!  They have to have their damned Obama-phones over having a regular income. Because of utter disgust with all this I had to write this.  Many were saying that this will be four more years of the same, I disagree.  This time he won’t hold back and that is a beyond scary thought.  So now I pose the scary question – Now what?