UPDATE FROM THE “OBAMA-NATION”: A Study of Class Warfare in America

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Political, Social Commentary

Before delving into the topic I feel that coming up with a concise and clear definition of the vague terminology is pertinent.
CLASS WARFARE: The Calculated and deliberate effort by those in the higher brackets of the socio-economic or political elite, to hinder or completely barricade, those in the lower brackets from rising up from their economic status.
Keep this definition in mind during the study of this topic, being presented here.
During the time of an impartial investigation of the Benghazi attacks, leaving an ambassador dead, Secretary of State- Hillary Clinton was absent.  She wasn’t even in the country.  What was she doing?  Was she overseas trying to smooth over a contentious matter?  Maybe discussing the importance of alternative energy to foreign interests?  How about just a meeting to discuss ANYTHING of a political nature with a dignitary?  None of the above.  She was in Australia for a wine tasting event.
Now the criticism by pundits was her absence for questioning on the Benghazi matter, but I say there is something even more chilling about her actions here.
It’s just one more example of the attitude of over-indulgence, at the cost of the taxpayers expense. The ever growing laundry list of impropriety that has been allowed to run rampant.  The GSA’s extravagant Las Vegas trips.  The trip to Hawaii for a Summit, by government agencies.
On a episode of Follow the Money, on Fox News Business, host Eric Boiling, suggested that those on Obama’s staff should take a pay cut to help with ease the public’s financial burden.  This seems like a perfectly reasonable solution to me, considering that they and their boss have a large portion of the culpability in the downturn in the country’s economic state.
How about the holiday celebration with the celebrities the Obama’s had one year at the White House.  It had elaborate performances by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, with the theme being Alice in Wonderland.
Why is a bad thing?  In and of itself it’s not, but it’s the exclusivity of it that could be a sign of elitism on their part.  On the guest list of this little jamboree was the families of close friends and acquaintances of the first family.  I guarantee if it were put together by the Romney clan or even George Bush and family, the families of the service men and women, or maybe children from the orphanages would have been there.
Christmas in the Obama White House wasn’t any less a showing of perceived status.  The family set a record for hosting the most Christmas trees in the White House- Thirty seven.
Without regard for the suffering of the common man the Obamas dine on such extravagances as lobster, paid for by the taxpayer.
In conclusion, some who will read this my dismiss this as just hyperbole by someone with an axe to grind about Barack Obama.  That’s not the case at all.  I do believe Obama is to be the worst and potentially dangerous president we have ever had.  He has been the poster child for “Moral Superiority,” the philosophy that whatever actions need to be taken to achieve an agenda validating it with the claim, it has “Good Intentions.”  He has been given many chances to make his actions match his words and each time has spectacularly failed to do so.  He’s not the common man he claims to be, but the ultimate imperial elitist.  The president is and his staff have been the worst perpetrators of the “Class Warfare,” that they allege to despise.

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