Why I am a Libertarian

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Political

By R.C. Seely

I saw articles and posts like these on twitter and thought to myself, what the hell I’ll play along.
I grew up in a strong patriotic, republican household and was always taught the importance of integrity in my dealings with my fellow man.  But as a youth, I found myself also straddling that fine line between financial responsibility and letting others make their own choices in social issues.  I found myself torn in issues like abortion, the drug wars, civil rights, the war on poverty and other social issues.  The source of the conflict was the republican stance on these issues left me feeling… unsettled.
Within this implanted version of reality, I never knew there were other options other than the two major parties.  So for years I just accepted things as I knew them.

Flash forward a few years to the 2008 presidential elections.  At a time when I had a renewed interest in questioning my understanding of my world, this become a huge tipping point for me.  Here was the paradox I was having.

Many were voting for Barack Obama either because of or in spite of, the mystery of the man.  I couldn’t vote for him because of this and honestly couldn’t see the attraction of that notion.  Mystery in people may sound appealing, but when it comes to those who govern our lives it is downright dangerous.  With the associations he had, past and present, should have given the voters a clue.  If only they had listened.

The other option was Senator John McCain, also a bad choice he habitually sided with the opposition on the issues.  Instead of insisting on real compromise though, he would kowtow to their whims.  Also unappealing, he used his time as a POW in his campaign.  To his credit he is a tough old bird, but that doesn’t make him a valid presidential candidate.  That was the major advantage for Obama, the people I talked to felt there wasn’t a real difference between the two men.  Sadly, I agree.

In the end, we wound up with Barack Obama as president.  That election I saw the Republican party in a new and dim light.  The party makes it stances on policy of virtue, NOT legal, constitutional standards.  That’s wrong.
So why not look to the other party, you may ask?..  The Democratic party claims to care.  I feel the people in that party do, but it’s leaders don’t.  If they did they would take unyielding stances on ideological principle.  The only principle they don’t yield on is their grab for power.

The biggest source of contempt I have for both, is that they will diverge from the constitutional and legal statutes to progress their party’s agenda.  They put the party over the country.  That is why I am a Libertarian.

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