Posted: November 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

By R. C. Seely
    Over two hundred years ago the threat of secession was looming over this country, a time bomb, that almost killed the American Experiment in it’s infancy.  Now this has become an topic for debate in modern times, once again.
    There are parts of the situation that when brought to light may make people rethink their positions on the matter and even consider this action as justifiable.
    First off, the constitutionality is not as clear cut as the proposals  critics make it sound.  There is arguably sustainable points in the tenth amendment and the constitution.  If the states have gotten to the point of considering dissolving the union, than the argument could be made that the president has become a tyrant, breaking his contract with the people.
    Second, the numbers of people supporting it are low.  When first reported it was a small portion of only about 20 states, give or take.  The reported the number of states in favor at 47.  Included in the list are many blue states, parts of the eastern seaboard and California among them.  I will say that cynicism within that demographic does have some validity, I agree, but in states like Utah, Alaska, or Texas on the other hand, should be deemed as serious and needing of a response by the president.  But other possible reason for a low response number for secession could be that much of the media doesn’t want to make Obama look bad, so they won’t report the circumstances unless it escalates out of control.  Look how long it took the mainstream media to report on the Benghazi attack.
    Lastly, in the end it doesn’t really matter the concluding results of the endeavor are really.  This is not about making this prospect a reality, as much as making a bold statement to the totalitarian-leaning administration of power.  
    The leader of the Texas Nationalist Movement was on Hannity the other day and said as much.  Saying in the end this is basically just asking the president for permission to secede.
    Revolution, peaceful or not, is at times needed to remind those who believe they are in power, who’s really in charge.  The People.  For far too long the people have been satisfied with the dominant status quo, now they are saying- No More.  I have made the statement on the Politically Social webpage, saying I would sign such a petition not just supporting them, but joining them if it comes to that.  I stand by those remarks and would not hesitate in making my actions match my words.  Our founding fathers were willing to put everything on the line by signing a piece of paper- the Declaration of Independence.  If called to do the same thing today wouldn’t you do the same thing if needs be.  What if this is our call to action?

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