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Chaos Theory Revisted

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Political, Social Commentary

Chaos Theory Revisited
By R. C. Seely

In the 1960’s the scientific community came up with a revolutionary new theory that endeavored to explain the anomalies that occurred in social and scientific theories.  The end result they called Chaos Theory.  The main example used that was its very backbone, was when a butterfly flaps its wings in, say Florida, then a Tsunami in Japan is the outcome.  It’s actually still an unpredictable result basically.
The real problem I’ve observed isn’t that they were wrong with the theory, just in complete.  This theorem only explains the anomaly’s existence, not the most important and insidious part of the formula.  The Implementation Phase.
This is where the term “State of Emergency” comes into play.  The progression of the “State of Emergency” scenario is as follows:  First, the anomaly occurs, then, the populace calls for actions from their representatives, and lastly, the representatives act.  The end result is almost always the same, however, that we end up forfeiting one of our liberties for a feeling of false security.  The sad thing here is that we are not learning this lesson.
All over the world, through out history, those of authority have used this tactic for millennia.  But our presidents have had to be very creative in their manner of implementation.  Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, are a couple examples of the abuse of power in this subject.  They sent many of our troops to war after the actions of political malice, through terrorist acts that were inflicted against us.  Understand I’m not questioning whether or not entering the World Wars was right or not, this is whether or not their methods of entering it we morally justified, and their conduct during was the right course of action.
Many speculate FDR let the attack on Pearl Harbor happen because he was anxious to enter the war effort, some have the same feeling about Wilson.  I’m in that demographic, War is a big money machine and both men had large appetites.  This isn’t the end of abuses done by Roosevelt though.  In an act of pacification to calm the people, the president had concentration camps built in America for it’s citizens of German and Japanese lineage.
This would not be the last time concentration camps would be utilized in the U.S., though.  Let’s not forget the FEMA camps set up after Katrina, or the abandonment of the second amendment in the area during the crisis.  Even more egregious, under this “State of Emergency”, Martial Law drills were performed in select cities across the nation.  But we can’t forget about the Patriot Act, this era’s national version of Watergate (the policy, not the scandal).
Now onto our current administration’s misuse of power.  The Bailouts for one, using it’s citizens own tax money to buy the Automotive, Housing and Financial interests, right from under them.  Supporters of the president and his decisions, would argue that he had to do it, that if he hadn’t we would have lost these industries.  That’s not even close to the truth…  If they had been left to work it out, they would have been forced to “cut the fat”, the unhealthy cancerous growths on these structures.  With bankruptcy comes a stronger, healthier company, ready to compete with the big boys again.  Now on to the TSA, the attempts by terrorists to bomb our planes.  What shall we do?  I know let’s treat everyone as though they are terrorists, and let a bunch of random strangers grope women, seniors, and children, how about sending them through a huge X-ray machine.  Let’s ignore our personal liberties and rights of privacy for a feeling a security, performing policies that in the end will prove fruitless to their intended purpose.  Fact is, if the terrorists are that determined to kill us, they will find ways taking advantage of the weak spots we don’t know about.  Remember too, that if we change our behavior in response to an attack, the terrorists win.  Now onto the Newtown shooting.  The actions of the president when this first happened was right, to give him due credit.  He addressed the nation, giving a heartfelt speech of condolences to the victims families.  Other members of his party, on the other hand, were not so cordial.  Many were demanding action, in the form of more restrictive gun control.  Now that the dust has settled, he has joined the bandwagon, praising the U.N. official policy on gun rights.  Basically no rights, what-so-ever.  The supposed party of opposition is just as wrong on this issue, asking to make our schools fortresses.  Arm and empower the teachers, not bring in the S.S.  Or better yet lets find out what really caused this tragedy and not jump to the conclusion that a uniform, or impetuous, solution is the best one.  Find out what the warning signs were that were missed, so these events can be neutralized.  Recently we had the “fiscal cliff” agreement, that was neither a compromise, nor beneficial.  Out of any options that were put on the negotiating table, the best was going off the “fiscal cliff.”  True, everyone’s taxes would have gone up, but we would have gotten mandatory spending cuts out of the deal.  Besides, the dirty little secret is that all taxes will go up anyway with the full implementation of Obama-care.
In conclusion, there is a solution to this problem, and a very simple and powerful one.  The people, you and I.  We can make sure that our liberties are not eroded, or traded for services that the public will never see.  But we need to let cooler heads prevail.  Let the facts be uncovered and don’t ask for immediate action.  This may sound like a lot to ask for some, but patience is how we solve such problems, not with pointless impulsive action.  Careful analysis, reflection, and debate, to find out why the anomaly happened and how to prevent it from happening again.