Some People Shouldn’t Vote

Posted: January 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

By R.C. Seely

BOTH PARTIES CAMPAIGN HARD for the American people to get out and vote. Campaigns such as “Rock the Vote” and scare tactics are common. “You have to vote for the Republican, so the Democrat doesn’t get in” on one side, and “you have to vote the Democrat, so the Republican doesn’t get in.” Oblivious to the fact that many don’t like either party. That’s why they have the Presidential Debate Commission to make sure it stays a choice of two parties.

Thanks to CNN, media outlets have new propaganda to further this agenda. The outlet made the false claim that the 2016 election had the lowest voter participation rate, at only 58%. They got the number right but not the facts. Not only wasn’t the voter participation not at a record low, it was higher than normal.

Apparently, the scare tactics of a Trump presidency was somewhat effective, so why didn’t it work like they hoped? How did Trump end getting inaugurated? Because of the troublesome electoral college that so many progressives love to hate, but really even they should be glad we have it.

With the Democrats essentially bribing low-income voters, not only would we end up with a single party system but in a broke one at the rate of their spending. That’s not to say the Republicans are a whole lot better but every dollar not spent counts, especially when it’s not theirs to spend. Besides the lack of restraint on spending, a single party system would bring on a lack of freedoms–all of them. Say goodbye to freedom of speech, freedom to protest and assemble, the second amendment, fair trials by jury, all that. With the duopoly at least, the Democrats have to pretend that they care about your opinion, imagine how smug they would be otherwise.

One of the leaders of the movement to abolish the electoral college is the “economist” Robert Reich. His video on abolishing the electoral college is being circulated like it’s a communicable disease by Democrats who care about his economic credentials. Personally, I don’t care about Reich’s views period, he’s a collectivist and that’s all I need to know.

Meanwhile libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson has been making his own movement that could make a real difference. The “Our America Initiative” and the “Free the Debates” campaigns, sponsored by Johnson, have been grassroots movements to bring the other parties on to the debate stage. This is a practical method to bring a more fair accurate presidential election, not eliminating the only impediment to mob rule. But let’s face it, the Republicans and Democrats have not been about the people, for a long time and abolishing the electoral college would only exacerbate things.

As unpopular as it to say this, some people just shouldn’t vote. If you’re uneducated about the issues and only vote because society says you should, then stay home. If you are disenchanted with the system and this is your way to protest, then stay home. Whatever your objection is, if voting makes you feel uncomfortable, then go with that feeling and don’t let anyone pressure you into going to the voting booth.

Democrats are so eager for your votes that they foolishly believe if they make election day a national holiday–with a day off of work–they can lower that percentage of non-voters. That’s just plain stupid, not only will it not encourage more voters but with an additional day off regular voters might be more inclined to skip it. Why go vote on my newly appointed day off? There is nothing to suggest that a day off or abolishing the electoral college would have the predicted effect the American people are being sold. This is all about the Democrats not getting their way and pouting. Could this simply be another chapter in the perpetual Democrat Temper Tantrum?–Looks that way.

R.C. Seely is the founder of and ALTV. He had also written books on pop culture the most recent Victims of White Male: How Victim Culture Victimizes Society is available at Amazon.

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