Who’s George Soros

Posted: January 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

By R.C. Seely

THERE ARE PEOPLE OF GREAT means and resources who pull the strings behind every political party, for the Democrats George Soros is one of them. Democrats don’t generally deny his association with their party–just what despicable acts he commits. Before getting to that, who is he?

Soros grew up in Hungary during World War II and the German and Soviet occupations of his nation. He studied the works of Karl Popper which introduced him to economics in a more philosophical form. But it was the occupations of his nation that is “deeply rooted” in his philosophy. Particularly the effect it had on his father. Soros father was captured by the Russian army and escaped but “came home a changed man.” Soros describes a man who had “lost his ambition and wanted nothing more from life than to enjoy it… He had no desire to amass wealth or become socially prominent. On the contrary, he worked only as much as was necessary to make ends meet.”

He grew up to become a hedge fund manager, essentially a position that he could use to manipulate the value of currency in different nations and he did countless times. Why? Because he enjoys it, he gets thrilled from causing havoc. He takes great pride in the fact that he “broke the bank of England.” Or that he threw Russia into chaos. The country of Caledonia knows what he is, and they want him to pay for what he did to them.

Oh, you just got all that from Glenn Beck! Yes, Beck thinks Soros is the devil incarnate but he has probably also read all of Soros books too. I’ve only read one–The Soros Lectures, which is the source of all the quoted material in this writing–and I agree with Beck that Soros is the real-life Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.

In The Soros Lectures, Soros reflects on the “general flight from currencies into gold and other commodities” is “harmful because it keep those assets out of productive use.” That’s funny, since that’s what Soros does when there is talk of economic turmoil. He buys up gold to keep it out of the hands of the nation’s citizens, so they suffer while he profits from it.

Soros also takes advantage of economic unrest he didn’t start but has noticed. With regards to market bubbles, for example, it’s perfect fine to “rush in to buy, adding fuel to the fire.” That why he can also claim the “need [for] regulators to counteract the market” to minimize the bubble, since “we cannot rely on market participants, however well informed and rational they are” to resolve it. What about the ones that aren’t ethical? How do they play into the equation? Apparently, they’re not a problem.

He does have a suggestion for how to avoid bubbles, only lend to certain markets. “…Central banks used to instruct commercial banks to limit their lending to a particular sector of the economy, such as real estate or consumer loans … Market fundamentalists consider that to be crass interference … but they are wrong.” Actually, they are right. We already have an allergy to risk and avoidance to entrepreneurship in this country, let’s not make it worse. He goes on the say that the evidence of this need is because “Chinese authorities do it today, and they have much better control over their banking system” the US should revert to this policy. Yeah, let’s be like the People’s Republic of China. That’s a great goal! Of course, for all this to work it “meant increasing the national debt” and putting it all in the hands of the state.

Soros is nothing if not an amazing propagandist, one of his best was the pick of Karl Popper as his mentor of sorts. Popper’s most noted works is the concept of Open Societies, which Soros has made his mission to implement but he does so by force, the complete antithesis of a true Open Society.

An Open Society is supposed to be a voluntary collection of people with different views and ideas living together in harmony. No fighting, no contention, no way. It couldn’t happen–as appealing as the idea sounds. I would love to believe it were possible but different ideas breed contention because people get protective of their views, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just happens. And many who subscribe to the Open Society theory are not supporters of property rights, that is a problem. Property rights are what makes prosperity a reality.

His studies into Open Societies is the most egregious acts of all, it’s because of this that he started the turmoil to begin with. “… In Hungary … still under Communist rule, in China…, and in Poland and the Soviet Union… And as the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia disintegrated, I set up a network of (Open Society) foundations that covered almost the entire former Communist world… I acquired some practical experience in building open societies.” Yet, he condemns Former President George W. Bush for trying to force his will in the Middle East? A little logically inconsistent there.

So, who is George Soros? He’s a monopolist billionaire, without any scruples and ethics, and enjoys playing God. And is he a threat? Well, he has substantial money, and has connections–he’s very close to both the Clintons, Obamas and others in the extreme side of the Democrat Party, and as I said no ethics; so yeah, he’s kind of a problem for free market capitalism.

R.C. Seely is the founder of americanuslibertae.com and ALTV. He has also written books on pop culture the most recent Victims of White Male: How Victim Culture Victimizes Society is available at Amazon.

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