Time To Go

Posted: January 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

By R.C. Seely

THE TRADITION FOR PRESIDENTS was that after their administration ended, they rode off into the sunset never to be heard from again. Eventually they would write their memoirs and might campaign for a senator or congressman or senator–both obligatory acts–are exceptions to the rule. Sadly, this tradition seems to be fading away.

The Clintons started this trend, after Bill finished his last term, he was still actively seen and heard from. Now the Obamas are embracing this trend, given that Barack fairly recently vacated the post but still the family is more visible then most after this amount of time.

The Obama love affair has still continued on social media to an unprecedented level. Polls have asked if he is the best President ever or should he be added to Mount Rushmore. He would fit in on the side with Theodore Roosevelt.

Other supporters have been posting t-shirts reading “we miss him already.” The corpse isn’t ever cold, so relax. Even now they can’t help but elevate him to the status of a rockstar. Oh, isn’t he so cool. Excuse me a moment, I’m going to be sick.

At least with Bill Clinton I could understand, he’s a likeable guy… a slime ball, but a likeable slime ball. With the Obamas I don’t see it, or for Hillary Clinton either. Or Jimmy Carter, he’s decided to resurface and give opinions long after anyone would care. Although Trump should be somewhat elated with Jimmy’s reemergence since he defended him to an extent, agreeing that he has been getting picked on by the media and political elite. Oh, poor baby.

No matter what, the nation is better off when these people leave. Generally, all they end up doing is criticizing the incoming administration before they’ve had a chance to cause any turmoil. Not to say that isn’t the inevitable conclusion. With the continued Obama love affair, it’s downright nauseous. He’s gone, let him go, and never come back.

R.C. Seely is the founder of americanuslibertae.com and ALTV. He has written books on pop culture the most recent Victims of White Male: How Victim Culture Victimizes Society is available at Amazon.

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