Is that so “Progressive?”

Posted: February 3, 2018 in Uncategorized

By R.C. Seely

THE RESPONSE TO Donald Trump’s State of the Union address was not unexpected. A few Democrats in the Senate and the House saying they were not going to attend is neither a concern nor a valid threat. Neither is the fact that they won’t give him credit for the state of the economy and that workers are seeing benefits from their employers–that would go completely against their understanding of reality.

What was unexpected was a statement from Charles Payne in a discussion group on Cavato on Fox News. He was questioning the consequences of companies offering their employees extended benefits such as, paid maternity leave and paying for their expanded education. Claiming that this is simply more big government style progressivism and they should instead be focused on hiring more employees.

I like Charles Payne–although I’ve never met him personally–and have great respect for him and generally agree with him, but not this time. He does have a somewhat valid point, I’ll give him that, but he’s missing the bigger point.

The progressive movement is a big government movement, one of intervention into business and the personal lives of others. This is one major step away from that, making it as about as anti-progressive as possible. The goal here has always been to get government to step aside and let businesses and individuals spend their money, their way. Or did I miss that memo?

Wages are going up, unemployment is going down and everyone should be celebrating that regardless of who gave us the booming economy. When it comes to the economy limited government is winning out and the authoritarians are worried and for good reason. Everything they have told the public about laissez faire is being shown to be untrue.

But why can’t Charles Payne celebrate? Because rewarding senior employees is against economic theory? Trying to keep a proven employee who’s pregnant isn’t valid for the bottom line? It’s not those policies that were wrong it was how they were presented, through federal intervention. Because someone on Capitol Hill believed they had the right to mandate how a company conducts itself and what it can give it’s employees. That they are offering them such benefits proves progressives wrong and that maybe the government intervention isn’t as necessary as we’ve been led to believe.

The Trump administration has so far been about what I expected, I don’t need to hear him speak to know how things are going. The economy is doing excellent but on social issues a lot of work is needed. A huge step would be letting Jeff Sessions go, even if you agree with Sessions on the failed War on Drugs, he is a proponent of Civil Asset Forfeiture and expanding surveillance on Americans.

Then there’s the border wall, the one that “Mexico is going to pay for.” The one that won’t curb illegal immigration and is a security blanket but keeps us from a meaningful secure border and restrict freedom of movement. Illegal immigration will continue with the wall since they are finding other ways across and the Northern border isn’t even being addressed. Mexicans are a no go, but Canadians are okay?

Progressivism isn’t about offering the individuals more choices or freedoms, it’s also not about what employers benefits to their employees. It’s about the authoritarians appearing benevolent to the American citizenry. And the appearance of false security. Once all the “general welfare”, “national security”, and “well intentions” are stripped away, then it’s clearing all about control. So while Trump is progressive, he’s not so on the economy or company benefits.

R.C. Seely is the founder of and ALTV. He has written books on pop culture with a new one–Confused Yet? Understanding the Utterly Incomprehensible–scheduled to be released this year.

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