Premium Scam

Posted: February 11, 2018 in Uncategorized

By R.C. Seely

IF YOU SEARCH YOUTUBE and other social media sources, you would come to the conclusion that pretty everyone is a conman or liar in one way or another.

One such story declares that premium gasoline is a clear deliberate attempt to fraud the consumer. Investigators state that since there is no additional benefit to purchasing premium fuel, it must be a scam. Shame they aren’t so skeptical of organic foods! Are they right though? Well, yes and no.

For some consumers it is a waste of money but calling it a scam is kind of a stretch.

First off, let’s consider a concise definition of a scam: It’s the intentional effort to mislead, generally to profit off of others, with questionable or non-existing benefit for the consumer. That’s not exactly the case with premium fuels.

There are benefits to be gained with premium fuel, if you use your vehicle excessively. So clearly there is a proven market. For general use by most people, yes, it is a waste of money. But whether or not that constitutes a “scam” is debatable.

Another question is the manner of its marketing, is that intentionally misleading. Many high-end vehicle manufacturers recommend premium because it does protect the engine and increase performance. The line of thinking here is that since you are buying the best, you will want to protect your investment. I’m sure they also figure that if you’re spending that kind of money on the vehicle you won’t be oppose to spending more on fuel. That sounds logical and not nefarious.

Average vehicles don’t have such recommendations. Most say you should buy what you feel most comfortable with. This sounds like simply offering choices in a free market. If you want to extend the life of your vehicle, premium fuel could do that, it’s as simple as that and hardly malicious.

Premium fuel is about choices, that’s not a bad thing for the consumer and there’s nothing to suggest that it fits the definition of a scam. Just more sleeping media conspiracy theories.

R.C. Seely is the founder of and ALTV. He has written books about pop culture and has a new book–Confused Yet?: Understanding the Utterly Incomprehensible–is set to be released soon.

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