Doesn’t Add Up

Posted: February 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

By R.C. Seely

THE PARKLAND SHOOTING HAS been cast as unusual but it’s not. The activists for gun control go on their rampage and call for measures that make no sense. I could get into the argument about the futility of gun control but instead let’s look at the possibility of it.

The renewal of Assault Weapons ban of the Brady Bill is one of the greatest pushes by these advocates. Since the firearm involved in this shooting is the AR-15–one of the so called assault weapons–it has gained traction. So, let’s just ban those for now.

From the logistical stand point alone, this is not improbable but impossible. There are 51 million AR-15 rifles in the United States. Think about that for a moment. 51 million of just one type of gun. And this isn’t a cheap gun, it’s over a thousand dollars. That means there are a lot more handguns and shotguns–because of cost for one thing, in the $200-$400 range for most. The total number of firearms in the US is 300 million, or basically a gun for every one of it’s citizens. That’s just the registered firearms, that doesn’t include “ghost guns” or illegal ones.

This is part of the logistical problem. The land mass of the United States is approximately 3,800,000 miles. Europe’s largest country, Russia, isn’t as large as the United States.

Gun control activists bring out Australia, the UK and now the Netherlands for examples that it works. But the math isn’t right here either. The population of the UK is approximately 65 million, Australia is about 24 million and the Netherlands is only around 17 million. Of course, there will be more crime in a country with such a larger population density.

Voluntary relinquishing your firearms is the only methodology that could even come close to being feasible, a forced home-to-home theft (and it is theft!) would be impossible. If it were, Senator Dianne Feinstein would have already done so.

In a 60 Minutes interview in 1995 Feinstein had this to say:

“If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them . . . Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in, I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here.”

At least she saw how pointless that would be and still is. As much as gun haters hate to admit it, a confiscation of firearms in the United States doesn’t add up in any way. The size of the country, the population, the number of firearms, make it quite challenging. But there’s still the problems of enforcement.

Many state lawmakers in states strong on the second amendment would be essentially ending their careers if they tried any type of seizure or even restrictions. If that did happen, the next hurdle is law enforcement, many refuse to enforce the strict and unconstitutional restrictions in place already. It would again come down to a voluntary relinquishing of the owner’s firearms, an act that I personally would have no intention of doing.

The youth of the nation are being used as pawns by the gun-grabbers. They are scared and naturally inclined to emotional responses over logical ones. It’s easy to either look at them with scorn or pride, but in the end they simply want “something done.” That’s why it’s important to not give in to their proposals and show them the adult way of handling situations is logically and not act brash because of fear.

R.C. Seely is the founder of and ALTV. He has written books on pop culture, with an upcoming new book Confused Yet?: Understanding the Utterly Incomprehensible.

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