This Is Serious

Posted: May 1, 2020 in Social Commentary

By R.C. Seely

ON SOCIAL MEDIA I’M openly critical of the reactionary expansion responses to the Coronavirus. If you argue for economic sanity you are viewed as heartless and putting profits over people. Let me summarize the situation, as I see it at least, and maybe you will see why.

In the fall of last year, a virus started in a part of China, little was known about it then. Little is known about it now.

About March of this year, the state governments started cracking down and closing up cities. The result so far has been a disaster to the US economy. We have around 20 million unemployed, that’s higher than the recession of 2008. I remember that time, it was not fun. And the recession is already here and only proves to get worse. If Tyson foods is right, we are seeing a “break of the food supply.”

As the “Stay at Home” movement caught fire, we have had to suffer the celebrities attempt to relate to the blue collar folks. Arnold Swartzeggar sitting in a hot tub smoking a cigar and Madonna in a tub of rose pellets telling everyone to stay home. Really relatable. If the economy tanks I think they will be fine. It’s a lot more difficult for those living paycheck-to

Besides the idiocy of the Hollywood elite, there were also narc lines, so your neighbors can report you for going outside. How dare they go out and get fresh air and exercise!

Trump has said numerous dubious claims of ways to treat it and downplayed the situation at the err of his critics. One such controversy was the couple who took quinine and died. To be fair, the couple did take a version that used for cleaning and not safe for consumption. And why take advice from a non-medical expert on treatment.

Now we move on to the CDC, the home of the experts of medical science in the US. Supposedly. This is a group that has messed up so many times during with the Coronavirus. First they say no facemasks except for those who already have, then they retract that. They never could tell us if you build immunity but if the reports from Sweden are correct, immunity does build up and lock downs are necessary. The US has started testing for immunity but it’s not for free.

The worse thing they did was turn the medical community into liars. The gave them the perverse incentive of reporting every death or ailments as the Coronavirus. You don’t even have to test positive! This is extremely unethical. All so hospitals can get more Federal funding, at the same time, discouraging those with the virus to stay away.

With all this going on, it’s easy to see the inefficiencies in the government and how experts can be wrong. Some of it isn’t incompetent behavior but outright maliciousness and trying to advance their agendas. The progressive congressmen and congresswomen and senators have been pushing everything from Universal Basic Income to Medicare For All. Unemployment is doing major pay outs for those who qualify.

This is why they so many are keeping the people in what the late Dr. Micheal Crichton called “The State of Fear.” As long as everyone is in a panic, they will go along with whatever their leaders want. According to polls, the populace wants more government intervention. Thing to remember about polls is they are easily to manipulate. Normally the sample size is so small–only a few thousand–and they poll places that side with their view.

Despite what the supporters of quarantine may think, I’m not insensitive to the prospect of their family and friend’s untimely demise. I’m simply a realist. If the Coronavirus doesn’t kill them, they will die starvation or exposure from having no access to power or water. Bottom line the living need to make a living when this is all through. This is not the new normal, but temporary inconvenience. But if sanity does come back soon, the cure could be far worse than the disease.

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