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Has The Dust Settled?

Posted: April 30, 2021 in Social Commentary

By R.C. Seely

NOW THAT VACCINES for the coronavirus are a reality for 2021, many concluded this nightmare to be over. But is it? Was the COVID scare just that… a scare? Something to overcome and move on from? Maybe, but what if it’s not? Could it be just the start of something?

Recently a Georgia mother went to social media to challenge these restrictions. She claimed there are psychological and physical harm of the continual mask wearing has had on her child. Is their validity to this claim? According to the NIH, yes. The result of their survey, was that the masks didn’t protect people from Sars or Coronavirus. Nothing? Double masks would be a lame idea that will only serve to make you look ridiculous.

How about the lockdowns, surely such a strict measure has proven effective. Afraid not and there’s far more evidence, pointing to the inefficiency of the lockdowns. To date, there has been 33 studies on the matter, all concluding the lockdowns were a waste of time against the current epidemic. The nail in the coffin being that Texas and Florida hasn’t had a surge in case since lifting their restrictions. Dr. Fauci, the supposed “expert” in the matter hasn’t a clue why this is the case. All the while, New York and California–along with other states under lockdown–continue to have increases in cases.

The increases in cases are not entirely legitimate, the CDC made sure of that early on. The agency set the lowest possible means to measure the infections rate–tallying up those who simple had the symptoms as “infected” rather than required lab positive results. It appears the medical “experts” are as confused now as when this mess started.

No doubt the apologists will support such measures and excuse the use of such extremes. No matter what economic harm the lockdowns did, or psychological or physical damage done by the mask mandate. They do have a lot to answer for though, the economic decline and suicides from depression from the policies they endorse for starters.

What about the vaccines themselves? Surely getting one is the responsible thing to do? I don’t know, I’m no medical expert and don’t pretend to be. If you feel comfortable getting one and feel it’s the right thing to do, then do it. I don’t take issue with that but I will question your motivation for posting it on social media. Is it because you are trying to bully others into it? Kind of like the mask shaming you did to others? Here’s an idea, rather than calling skeptics of these heavy-handed responses “covidiots” maybe try engaging a discussion with them. Ever consider that route? And just because they don’t wear a face covering doesn’t mean they deserve to get sick or should be denied medical treatment if they do.

The vaccines had to be rushed because of the situation–or at least appear that way–so who knows how safe they really are. It takes months for viable vaccine to develop, so either it’s possibly unsafe or the pharmaceutical companies was sitting on it. So no, I’m not going to encourage others to get it if they don’t want to.

If you motivation for harassing others about not wearing a mask is to feel better about yourself or alienating others, then mission accomplished. But if it’s out of genuine concern for a friend, family member or just another human being, you might go farther with a different approach. Try telling them that you are afraid for them and others and that you care. Compassion and listening will go farther than mocking. Their are relatives who love that I will try to forgive for their actions and words, but it won’t be easy.

Finally, if this is about controlling the situation and not people, you have to ask yourself about the Vaccination Passports. If I do get one of the vaccines, this would be the reason why. But you won’t know I did because I won’t be posting about it on social media. If the Vaccine Passports do get passed, there goes what remained of your medical privacy. I can see an app for reading this on your smart phone and a rise in identity theft and other crimes accompanied. And this is the ordinary criminals, not the members of the government acronym soup. New unprecedented medical privacy violations by the FDA, CDC and USDA, during these unprecedented times.

I supported the mask mandate for one reason, and one reason alone. It was a compromise to avoid the lockdowns. If the masks are not beneficial, then kill the mandate and let us go on with our lives. Since the control freaks are stubbornly staying their course, the question of their motives is becoming more relevant. Our medical understanding of COVID may be evolving but the course to combat it isn’t. That seems to point one conclusion: This is about expanding federal control and has nothing to do with public safety.