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This Is Serious

Posted: May 1, 2020 in Social Commentary

By R.C. Seely

ON SOCIAL MEDIA I’M openly critical of the reactionary expansion responses to the Coronavirus. If you argue for economic sanity you are viewed as heartless and putting profits over people. Let me summarize the situation, as I see it at least, and maybe you will see why.

In the fall of last year, a virus started in a part of China, little was known about it then. Little is known about it now.

About March of this year, the state governments started cracking down and closing up cities. The result so far has been a disaster to the US economy. We have around 20 million unemployed, that’s higher than the recession of 2008. I remember that time, it was not fun. And the recession is already here and only proves to get worse. If Tyson foods is right, we are seeing a “break of the food supply.”

As the “Stay at Home” movement caught fire, we have had to suffer the celebrities attempt to relate to the blue collar folks. Arnold Swartzeggar sitting in a hot tub smoking a cigar and Madonna in a tub of rose pellets telling everyone to stay home. Really relatable. If the economy tanks I think they will be fine. It’s a lot more difficult for those living paycheck-to

Besides the idiocy of the Hollywood elite, there were also narc lines, so your neighbors can report you for going outside. How dare they go out and get fresh air and exercise!

Trump has said numerous dubious claims of ways to treat it and downplayed the situation at the err of his critics. One such controversy was the couple who took quinine and died. To be fair, the couple did take a version that used for cleaning and not safe for consumption. And why take advice from a non-medical expert on treatment.

Now we move on to the CDC, the home of the experts of medical science in the US. Supposedly. This is a group that has messed up so many times during with the Coronavirus. First they say no facemasks except for those who already have, then they retract that. They never could tell us if you build immunity but if the reports from Sweden are correct, immunity does build up and lock downs are necessary. The US has started testing for immunity but it’s not for free.

The worse thing they did was turn the medical community into liars. The gave them the perverse incentive of reporting every death or ailments as the Coronavirus. You don’t even have to test positive! This is extremely unethical. All so hospitals can get more Federal funding, at the same time, discouraging those with the virus to stay away.

With all this going on, it’s easy to see the inefficiencies in the government and how experts can be wrong. Some of it isn’t incompetent behavior but outright maliciousness and trying to advance their agendas. The progressive congressmen and congresswomen and senators have been pushing everything from Universal Basic Income to Medicare For All. Unemployment is doing major pay outs for those who qualify.

This is why they so many are keeping the people in what the late Dr. Micheal Crichton called “The State of Fear.” As long as everyone is in a panic, they will go along with whatever their leaders want. According to polls, the populace wants more government intervention. Thing to remember about polls is they are easily to manipulate. Normally the sample size is so small–only a few thousand–and they poll places that side with their view.

Despite what the supporters of quarantine may think, I’m not insensitive to the prospect of their family and friend’s untimely demise. I’m simply a realist. If the Coronavirus doesn’t kill them, they will die starvation or exposure from having no access to power or water. Bottom line the living need to make a living when this is all through. This is not the new normal, but temporary inconvenience. But if sanity does come back soon, the cure could be far worse than the disease.

Do NOT Panic… Too Late

Posted: March 19, 2020 in Social Commentary

By R.C. Seely

THE HILL, NYC MAYOR Bill de Blasio: “We need the federal government to take over the supply chain right now.”

According to The Hustle: “Late Sunday, Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City, said he would sign an executive order limiting restaurants and bars to take-out and delivery service only…

The Empire State’s not the only place forcing the issue. The governors of Illinois, Ohio, and Washington ordered all bars and restaurants in their states to close, too.”

Alexandra Cortez tweeted:
“This is not the time for half measures. We need to take dramatic action now to stave off the worst public health & economic affects. That includes making moves on paid leave, debt relief, waiving work req’s, guaranteeing healthcare, UBI (Universal Basic Income), detention relief…”

Illan Omar tweeted:
“UBI – Suspend mortgages/rent payments – REAL paid leave for all – Student debt cancellation These are not radical ideas given the scale of this crisis. Here are some of the steps other countries around the world affected are taking…”

The Independent reported California Governor Gavin Newsom statements:
“Governor Gavin Newsom said during a press conference on Tuesday he would consider implementing martial law if it was necessary to curb the novel virus…

“We have the ability to do martial law … if we feel the necessity,” he said. Issuing martial law would be an unprecedented move rarely used by officials in US history. If enacted, it would temporarily replace civil rule with military authority…

“The precedent for martial law in the US states “certain civil liberties may be suspended, such as the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, freedom of association, and freedom of movement,” according to a legal journal.”

An Illinois governor is taking it even further, with a bill that not only restricts purchases of firearms, alcohol and the right to protest, but explicitly strips it’s citizens the possession of personal property.

Bernie Sanders took advantage of the moment to push for Medicare of All on social media.

When everyone is a panic about the Corona Virus, policies like these are a greater concern to me. Threats of government encroachment–forced quarantines, increasing the welfare state, gas rationing, Martial Law–all suggestions that have been floating around.

I agree with John McAfee, in his tweet:
“I am in the highest risk group for the Coronavirus. I am 74. If I believed, Even remotely, (And I have seen every statistic from the WHO, the CDC, Johns Hopkins, and others) That the Coronavirus was a threat, I would be concerned. But it is not. Stop buying the MSM’s story….

“Aren’t I afraid, going outside? We are safe in here.” No one is ever safe. Fear caused this entire country to accept: – no travel – no open businesses – no contacts with neighbors, friends – no approaching anyone closer than 3 feet – no standing outside feeling the sun Sane?”

This is cold and flu season, all of the precautions for the Corona Virus are the same and we should have been taking such precautions anyways. Hand washing, keeping personal space, Tylenol for fever, meds for the sore throat and drink lots of water.

I’ve taken to downplaying the problem, mostly because people are panicking. Not being alert, they are panicking!

This social distancing is a good idea. Keeping 6 feet away is not a bad idea during cold and flu season. But calling it “The Corona Apocalypse” is simply inflammatory and hoarding toilet paper is illogical. Or respirators that don’t do a thing to avoid infection! You should be stockpiling MREs. And I guarantee some of the people hoarding and panicking went into heavy debt and quit their jobs. That is insane! They will still have to live after all this crisis is done.

If you have been affected by the lay offs, there are resources for you. The President signed a $850 billion relief package, giving $1,000 to all US citizens. When that runs out, there is still unemployment. Many energy and internet providers will let you slide on your bills. Many places are hiring teams to sterilize their businesses of the Corona Virus. Hardware stores, grocery stores, repair shops and a few other businesses that are social necessities, are staying open, apply there.

Before get worked up and call to lock down your place of employment, remember the symptoms of the virus. Corona is a fever and a cough. One survivor said it was like “a mild sore throat.” This is what the result will be for most of us.

All the control freaks like Mayor de Blasio, Congresswoman Cortez, Governor Newsom and others are saying they need to take control. Why? In the major densely populated areas, California, New York, Washington state and the other coastal states–which were the worst hit with the outbreaks–have already taken logical containment steps, including non-essential businesses closing their downs. Many companies did this before the state or federal governments told them to.

Once we get such intrusive measures, what guarantee do we have that once they will removed at the end of this crisis? The government has a terrible track record in this area. Most of the progressive policies established during the Great Depression and World War II have been repealed but one big financial black hole remains. Social Security was never killed off as it supposed to be. It was never meant to be a permanent fixure but a temporary source of relief. These social welfare measures proposed during a crisis should not be considered, if they wouldn’t pass in time if peace. Don’t let fear push you into a horrible decision.

I don’t claim to know the end results of this Corona Virus episode, I only know that the choices we make and the choices our masters make have to be measured against the crisis of the time. Every state of emergency can’t be a valid rationale for suspend our rights. If we act like scared rabbits when a cry wolf is uttered, we miss the wolf that slipped into our lives.

None of Your Business

Posted: January 28, 2020 in Social Commentary

By R.C. Seely

LAST WEEK I GOT into a little bit of a Twitter war with Stefan Molyneux and his followers. It all started when I replied to a post he made about Tulsa Gabbard. The exchange went something like this:

It began with Stefan tweeting this comment:

“Wow Tulsi Gabbard is 38!

No kids yet, second marriage.

I hope she thinks about having kids…

Door is closing fast!

Ambition only can’t keep you company is your old age...

My response was:

“What the hell is wrong with you? A couple deciding to have children is a very personal thing and frankly none of your fucking business.”

Admittedly my reply was blunt but I stand behind it. Molyneux’s comment was downright rude. Apparently he and his followers thought differently.

For his lame defense, Molyneux claimed his comment was being critical about the Overpopulation theory. Funny since it didn’t even remotely imply that. Later he had a similar comment about Julianne Hough, on a subject that had nothing to do with the environment.

“Julianne Hough is 31.

No kids kinda, ‘woo woo.’

Having kids grounds you in ways nothing else can.

It’s ‘woo woo’ vs ‘womb womb.’…”

His tweet this time was in response to a story that Julianne had an unconventional energy treatment that  reported to look like a exorcism. This is hardly an advocacy of greenism by Hough. So how will he twist it to justify is obsession with ovulation?

The response from his lemmings was also a little baffling. Many accused me of pushing to censor Molyneux. Okay, at what point did I suggest that? I never even intimated that. I was simply expressing my opinion that his comment is well, creepy. I don’t necessarily disagree with his points. Children can be a blessing but only if you want them. Or does he think everyone should have children? He obviously has distain for Tulsa and Hough with how he talks down to them, why would he want them to spawn?

I’m not alone in this view that Molyneux’s obsessed with this. Admittedly many of his critics in the comments were progressive women, there were a few conservative women who were creeped out too. Since he limits the number of comments available to view, it’s hard to tell just how many there were.

Part of Molyneux’s logic is based in the Norman Rockwellian ideology that couples can only be fulfilled with children. He probably also believes that you should have a child if you relationship is breaking down. No, that’s not fair to the couple and certainly isn’t fair to the child.

In the age of dick pics and sexual harassment, women are more likely than ever to support feminism. This is particularly true within parts of the liberty movement, where many are feeling marginalized. This doesn’t mean that radical feminism needs to be embraced, but it would serve Molyneux better to not show his own metaphoric dick pic again. With his obsession I’m not going to hold my breath.

By R.C. Seely

FROM THE MOMENT I heard the president was going to introduce tariffs into his economic plan, I have waited for the impact of that decision. The inevitable collision of increase prices on consumer goods and services. Yesterday was that day.

Across the country, major retail outlets have now been hit with the plague that has been infesting smaller select industries in the age of Trump. Price increases by $10 or more in retail stores and this is only with the first wave of tariffs.

The sad thing is this didn’t have to happen. The blame for this is on both Trump supporters and his haters.

For quite a while economists have warned Trump to not implement the tariffs, that it would increase prices. And this is not only the Never -Trumpers, it was right wing economists as well. Some who probably even voted for Trump. But no, his supporters stood behind him against any all criticism. He can’t do wrong, apparently he can.

Judging from my personal discussions with adamant Trump supports online, this unyielding devotion to the talking Cheeto is common. Another concern is with this for me, is there no end to this devotion? Will they stand up for Trump even if doing so violates every single one of their principles? What if he takes this to the next level and takes over American businesses? At that point these “small government” conservatives might as well join Hugh Hewitt and just put a Bernie 2020 sign on their lawn.

To be fair, it was the Democrats, “Need to Impeach” movement that put his supporters on the defense. Rather than take on the president and attempt to neutralize this questionable tactic, they went all out for impeachment or nothing. Going from one scandal to another to get him removed from office, all being dubious as far as the end result of removal. Impeachment, yes; removal, no. And a lesson for all you eager to get in a new president, impeachment is far from removal from office.

Both subsidies and tariffs are economic policies that free market supporters despise and for good reason. These are not in line with small government principles and it doesn’t matter which party implements them. They are a distortion of consumer interests and are not in the best interest of the general public. Everytime you inhibit a choice from the consumer you make economic chaos.


Posted: December 6, 2019 in Social Commentary

TO THE FOLLOWERS AND readers, I apologise for my absence. Last year I was doing much better and started the year with a new post almost every week. My absence has been due to a major life change. I met the love of my life and next summer we are getting married. I have been busy with her and getting prepared for our life together. I still have the same resolve to make this world a better place in my small way. I thank you for your support in the past and look forward to it in the future. Freedom on my friends.

By R.C. Seely

THE OPPONENTS OF marijuana legalization have been lauding a recent European study reported in The Lancet as proof positive that they were right. They have gone as far as saying the medical community is in agreement, marijuana is a health threat that causes schizophrenia and needs to be kept out of the public. According to them since the plant has been modified to a far higher potency, there are epidemics of psychotics in areas where it’s legal. There are some problems here.

To begin with let’s clarify what is actually happening. A cursory online search will suggest the prohibitionists are successfully misleading the public. The word “cause” is the focus of my attention here. Much of the research concludes that excessive indulgence–everyday usage–of the high potency strain can create symptoms that mirror schizophrenia, not actually cause the disorder. It can make schizophrenia worse if someone already has it.

Why is this Significant?

The prohibitionists claim that schizophrenia can’t always be cured but what does it mean if it’s not schizophrenia? What if since it’s not really schizophrenia but only appears that way, it needs another form of treatment? Most importantly, if they are misleading with the wording, what else are they not being honest about?

Making it seem like this is new ground-breaking information, is another misleading factoid. From the moment marijuana prohibition was originally proposed in the 1930’s, mental health conditions were the validation. Schizophrenia, laziness and the munchies are all well known as “side effects” of marijuana. Problem is like many other disorders, genetics are a factor in how the body responds.

Not all cigarette smokers will get lung cancer or alcohol drinkers get sciroccos or liver cancer. They are genetically preconditioned to it, it’s the same with marijuana and psychosis.

The study itself has a large problem, or technically a small one, a small sample size to be more accurate. The research team may have traveled the world for subjects, it doesn’t change the fact that they only examined a few thousand people. The global population is in the billions, so saying a comparable blip of a few thousand isn’t accurate, you need a sample of a few million. That’s actually a problem and one of my questions of the study. Drawing a conclusion from such a small sample is ridiculous.

Sample size and genetic predisposition aside, the study itself would need to be studied too. The biggest issue that could come up with the study is researcher bias. Does the one conducting the study already have an opinion and setting it up to get the result they want? In my research on the Dr. Marta Di Forti, of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, & Neuroscience at King’s College London, I couldn’t find any information to draw a conclusion.

Their other argument

The other argument by prohibitionists, isn’t medical but interference. What has them so bent out of shape is that marijuana now has lobbyists. What! A marketable consumable product has a special interest group pushing for it! That never happens! Except when it comes to pretty much everything. Which also includes the alcohol industry and the prescription drug companies. Both two industries trying to keep marijuana from the marketplace.

Conclusion: Why none of this matters

The prohibitionists will probably be very baffled by this, but in the end none of this matters. Not if you are truly in favor of limited government at any rate.

Whether you are against medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, if you think laws telling people what they can put in the bodies are right, you are not truly for limited government. That’s the problem with the conservative movement it may rant and rave against government overreach but when given the chance to prove it, they fall short.

States have already voted yes on having marijuana legal, and already complications because of the federal moratorium, they don’t need other states interfering. Or media, medical officials, politicians or the general public getting in between the consumers and producers.

Both recreational and medical markets are being excessively criticized because of excessive consumption is the prohibitionists lame attempt to sway public opinion. Oddly enough smoking in general is apparently quite high in schizophrenia sufferers, so their high marijuana consumption could be an over looked red flag for the disorder. Anything used in excess can create health complications and the wrong pharmaceutical medical for psychosis can exacerbate the existing condition. That’s why qualified medical professionals are consulted, but that is decided by the consumer.

That was one of the biggest criticisms of the Affordable Care Act, that politicians are getting between the patient and the doctor. Why is that acceptable when it comes to medical marijuana? This is a conservative logical inconsistency that they are blind to and medical patients are suffering because of it.

I’m an advocate for full legislation but anyone who opposes medical marijuana legalization is just plain heartless as far as I’m concerned. With the long list of side effects from medications for epilepsy sufferers and other conditions that do show promise in medical marijuana for relieving if not completely curing, research could be vital. It seems rather absurd to barricade such research due to studies that have come far from a conclusive–or even all that compelling–outcome.

R.C. Seely is the founder of and ALTV. He has written books on pop culture, with a new book–Confused Yet?: Understanding the Utterly Incomprehensible–to be released.

There’s an App for That

Posted: January 8, 2019 in Social Commentary

By R.C. Seely

THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT, became a common joke after the smart phone became a common piece of technology but it’s no longer a joke. If you check it out there real is app for just about every service or need, and most major corporations have one along with a website now. Many are for ordinary everyday needs; grocery shopping, getting coffee, navigation, real estate needs and jobs.

Career builder and other job hunting have made the task much easier then going from place to place or relying on word of mouth. Now in the ages of apps, it’s easier still since you don’t have to even search the internet for webpage, it’s right there as an app. Linkin has two different apps, one for your general profile and another just for job searching.

Target, Walmart, The Home Depot, Costco are only a sample of the large retailers that have apps to make finding the products simpler. You can also view the weekly ads from the app.

Apps for fast food, restaurants and coffee places make life even that much easier; not only posting the menu but allowing you to order. You can have your cold drinks and hot food ready and waiting for pick up as soon as you arrive.

Besides job searching and consumable products, there are numerous apps for something very valuable–information. Not only do most major news outlets have apps but there are also apps that offer trivia, government data and other specific data. Science, history, whatever you would like to know at your figure tips and without having to continue searching for it. The website that I use for this blog–WordPress–has an app.

There are apps for your business no matter what the stage; crowd funding sites like GoFundMe or IndieGoGo, photo editing and document editing are all available in the app store. As are sources of information from business experts and the upcoming business or technology trends.

Real estate, apartments and hotels finding online services are also available at the app store. Enter the zip code or city you plan on moving to at Zillow or ApartmentFinder and it will bring you the available places according to your search. With hotels there are the Hilton and Marriott that you can rent a room with. If you’re planning a weekend in Vegas the MGM has its own app, which even includes having a digital key on your phone.