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The Red Tape before Getting Ink
By R.C. Seely

Considering getting that new tattoo that you saved all summer to get? Maybe you’re turning eighteen and want to celebrate your coming of age with a navel piercing. Or you want to mark a memorable moment like beating cancer or the birth of your first child. Well, you may have to endure for a little longer, a twenty-four hour waiting period, to be more precise. At least that will be the case if the Department of Health’s new guidelines get turned into law.
Straight from the government to you:

204.1 The licensee or operator of a body art establishment shall ensure that no tattoo artist applies any tattoo to a customer until after twenty-four (24) hours have passed since the customer first requested the tattoo.
204.2 The licensee or operator of a body art establishment shall ensure that no body- piercer shall body-pierce a customer until after twenty-four (24) hours have passed since the customer first requested the body-piercing.
204.3 The licensee or operator shall ensure that no body artist or body art establishment shall bind or attempt to bind a customer to committing to obtaining a tattoo or body- piercing, or bind or attempt to bind a customer into paying for a tattoo or body- piercing upon signing the Twenty-four (24) Hour Waiting Period Acknowledgment Form.

Why are they butting in on this issue, well, because they know best remember. In fact that is the reason given to the Washington Post, by Najma Roberts of the Department of Health:

“We’re making sure when the decision is made that you’re in the right frame of mind, and you don’t wake up the next morning… Oh my god, what happened?”

Oh isn’t that sweet how they are looking for you? Actually I find it downright creepy. Just when you think the government can’t find another part of our lives to concern itself with… Surprise!
I’m sure some readers of  this article are wondering- hey what’s the big deal? So you have to wait for a day to get a tattoo or piercing? That’s not the point, the problem is that the government is dictating a very personal choice that is frankly none of their business.
Look at the reason given what does that have to do with the Department of Health? How is this a health risk?  Tattoos and piercing are perfectly safe if done right.
This about control. If they start down this road where will it end? Will they start saying what tattoos are illegal? Saying how many you can legally have? Or worse will they start to order you to get a tattoo, like oppressive governments in the past have to mark the “inferior” of the society. I’m not saying that any of those things will happen, but how can you be so sure it won’t?
This is one more decision that is being taking away from you and those in charge have already done away with so many. What you can put into your body, the stupid things you should be allowed to do, your privacy, the prices of goods and services- because of regulations, your choices with your children, your choices in morality and now your right at self expression. Where will this madness end? Will those who make the choices for us ever be satisfied? Or is this a continuous loop of oppression?
Lastly where does Obama stand on this? He made his opinion clear when he said that if his daughters ever got a tattoo he and Michelle would go out and get the exact same ones. What happened to the “rock star” president who was so new age and progressive? He and McCain are sounding more and more alike all the time. So why did we even bother with the farce of an election if we get the same thing either way.
R.C. Seely is a blogger and author, his works include ‘We the Rodents’ A Fairy Tale, Legacy and he is currently working on Unconventional Wisdom, which is where this article will also be found.

Now what?

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Political
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By R. C. Seely

Today is November 7, 2012 the day after the election and it’s downright depressing day.  Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was just reelected president of the United States.
Now I know some are probably thinking that I’m being melodramatic and bothered by this because, I’m a Republican and just wanted the party to win.  Well, you would be wrong on both counts.  Yes, I am registered as a Republican, but my ideological stances are most definitely that of a Libertarian.  I didn’t vote for Romney in the election and Obama was not even an option for me.  I wasn’t necessarily rooting for Romney, I just despise everything that Obama stands for.  He takes socialism to a new level of Tyranny and it didn’t even occur to me that he would actually get back in.
I was wrong about the first term too, though.  Supporters say how much of a good guy he is, how he relates to the people.  Sorry, I don’t see it.  I see a smarmy, egotistical, elitist, a typical political hack.  I take that back he’s not typical – he’s far Worse!  He’s a propagandist.  The King of Hype, the used car salesman of political policy.  Worse still he’s one of the biggest hypocrites, to ever enter the political stage.
When Karl Rove got charged with ethics violations, Bush got him off the hook calming “Executive Privilege.” One of the most vocal critics of the move is Obama. Fast forward a few years.  AG Eric Holder, is accused of major breaches of security, that have not been heard of at this level since Benedict Arnold and guess comes to his rescue with Executive Privilege…  Barack Obama.
How about something less specific?  Just basic spending.  Obama was critical of Bush’s spending.  I am too, but I didn’t turn around and increase the level.
How Bush’s handling of the war?  Not only did the Great Detractor Obama, not end the wars as early as he said, but he added one with Libya.  We hear nothing from the antiwar section of the Obama crowd.  I am against the wars as well, Barack, but at least I make it clear in my actions.  Lets not forget his greatest claim of fame getting Osama Bin Laden, as well as Gaddafi.  Okay first, the navy seals got Bin Laden and they deserve the credit not you, you Narcissist- in- Chief.  Secondly, the seal team got him because Obama was using Bush’s war playbook. The most appalling was the handling of the Libya attack on the ambassador.
Then his call for transparency from elected officials, what happened there? The scandals with CIA, TSA and GSA.
He claims to have created jobs, no he hasn’t.  He stalled the economy, his policies are responsible for the timid recovery.
When I went into work today the guy working the front desk asked if I was upset about the results of the elections.  No, I’m not upset.  I’m infuriated.  I’m enraged because I don’t know who the hell would vote for this man.  Or who holds the responsibility in convincing people to do it.  I’m perplexed by this outcome, are the people really this blind!  They have to have their damned Obama-phones over having a regular income. Because of utter disgust with all this I had to write this.  Many were saying that this will be four more years of the same, I disagree.  This time he won’t hold back and that is a beyond scary thought.  So now I pose the scary question – Now what?