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By R.C. Seely

It’s nearly Christmas again and the focus is on the family, this year it’s specifically about doing all that is possible to protect the family. So of course, we are hearing a lot of talk about gun control. Gun control has turned into a progressive regift that just won’t go away. Even with the insurmountable evidence – by both private and public sources – the intellectual elite are convinced that this change of policy is the only one to work.

Rather than letting the individual protect themselves, they want them dependent on a federal agency for their physical security. Problem is, that’s not the reality of the situation. Studies from many government sources, including the CDC study – done to validate the idea of involving your doctor in your decision to own a gun – and one from Harvard (hardly a haven from gun-owners) have come to the same conclusion: more guns make us safer and the areas with more strict regulations are also the ones with the most gun deaths. An understanding of this comes naturally for gun-owners.

Many supporters of gun control have sited that Australia has lower gun crime rates than the US and more strict gun regulations. Personally I could care less about Australia’s policies, and consider this comparison to be misleading, to say the least. While both countries are former British colonies, we couldn’t be more different, in attitudes or even infrastructure. The US has many large cities and towns spread across the country, with very few unexplored areas; Australia, has only a few large cities and a large amount of untouched habitat. Even the premise, that Australia has a lower crime rate, is a claim that has proven questionable.

One of the most dangerous cultural attitudes, when it comes to gun control, is from the gun culture. If you search YouTube you will find videos of  women getting hurt while firing a gun. These “fails”, might seem benign but are they really? The idea that women shouldn’t have guns, because they might get hurt could deter them from getting a firearm for self defense, leaving them unnecessarily vulnerable. This is not the case for all women, but for those who are not trained in unarmed combat, should be encouraged to purchase a gun.

With all the pressure and anti-gun sentimentality, those of us who see guns in responsible hands of legal owners, as the cure for violent crime need to act in a manner that will foster camaraderie, not animosity. Childish masculine posturing is leaving  women vulnerable, at a time when politicians want all of us to be more subservient, don’t help make that easier. This administration has shown a dogged, unyielding determination to make the United States an unarmed populace, claiming it is in an effort to achieve “peace on earth”, it appears that goal is better reached with the citizens keeping their “piece on earth.”

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